Saturday, March 7, 2009

SMILE ThErApY...........:-)

Smile:The need of the Current WORLD

Nothing is permanent in life. Life has its own shadows black in the night,Brightness in the day...It is a continual challenge.. Just take life as it comes and enjoy every bit of it… Each moment in life is a phase.Face them with a smile ,good or bad.Life is beautiful if you look at it with a smile.

Happiness shows best when you put that smile on your face! A smile can make anyone happy.

A smile, it is said, is a curve which can put things straight. Costing nothing and conveying so much, it is one of the best things in this world which are for free

Frown and you frown alone," it is sometimes said, "but smile and the whole world smiles with you." The whole world? That may be a stretch, but a smile can be incredibly powerful. Wearing a warm smile can draw people to you, put others at ease, and even cheer you up.

Living in the favorable and unfavorable situation is called Part of living. But, smiling in all those situations is called Art of living.

A smile…is sweet

A smile ….always keeps one happy.

A smile… can improve one face value

A smile …does not cost anything

A smile… can change a person’s mood

A smile … can also make someone’s day pleasant

A sweet smile can act like a pill.

A smile acts like a magic

Smile is priceless- no matter where,

Smile can easily vanish you fear

It’s not too much to ask

It will fill your face with beauty

It’s a free gift from above

It’s a great way to show love

Smile for the sake of happiness,

Smile for the sake of life,

Smile because of hope left in life

Smile is a gift by God, given to you! ! !

Always take a moment to smile. It makes people wonder what you are up to . Life can give you a hundred reasons to cry but you can give life a thousand reasons to smile. My Lips curve into a smile …for so many reasons.. Few are here…

Love of Family, Love of Friends… ;)

My kids laughing (nothing beats a hearty kid laugh)

Spending time doing crazy things with my friends

Staying up all night with my best friends.

When an old friend suddenly turns up home

Innocence of children

Childhood memories.

When someone truly understands.

Small thrills of life.

A hot cup of coffee in the early morning

Taking bubble baths.

Singing as if no one could hear you.


When I listen Music, my lips curves..

Exploring new places

A sincere compliment

The different colors in the rainbow of life.

Seeing the beautiful fall colors on the trees

Swinging in the park as high as I can.

Sunny days with nice cool breeze

Watching the sunset and the moon rise.

. Enjoying the beautiful mountains.

Eating favorite icecream on a hot summer day

Catching a snowflake on my tongue.

Dancing in the rain.

Conquering your biggest fear.

Watching the waves crash into the sand.

Spending a day in shopping.

Looking forward to a future together


Feeling warm on a cold winter night

Smile on a loved one's face when they open what I have gifted.

Satisfaction of having learnt something new.

Surprise gifts!

Seeing others happy.

everyone to make them smile as well. We seem to have forgotten that smile costs nothing. We are such a miser when it comes to spending smile.

Making another smile.

Smiling just like that... need to be a reason every time.??

In life too, we gain more marks by a cheerful smile and thereby expressing an agreeable face. A tremendous amount of goodwill is gained through this seemingly simple gesture.

Most important benefit of a smiling face is ease of relationship in family

Keep smiling and keep your family happy. ;)

We all need this magic charisma of SMILE...........Love to smile always.Basically I am a very happy go lucky kind of a person and live life each day to the fullest.........Plz it is my sincere request to you all that take atleast 5 minutes time from your busy schedule everyday and keep it for SMILING.........At anything you like.......Give yourself happiness......Live for yourself only for yourself,for your sake for that 5 minutes......and in that 5 selfish and smile for the reason you actually want.............Believe me would be destressed and find every reason to enjoy living...............for others as well as for others.And never miss an opportunity to make atleast one person in every single day smile............Give him a small moments of happiness,..........share his sorrows..........And believe me............We all would be able to reach the ultimate state of Nirvana.............something Next to GOD..............And we would be content from inside..........Core of heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ACKNOWLEDEMENTS:My this blog and all my previous blogs and the blogs I would write in future is only dedicated to my Father.........My dad......My inspiration.He is the person who taught me the real value of living.......My dad taught me to live life happily with a smile in face........Baba(my dad) are my God......My life.Thank you for making me happy and enabling me to hold smile in my face because you took up all my sorrows..........But this time of writing this acknowledgement.......I can't hold back my tears............I am proud of you DaD!!!!!!!Now its my time for me to give you happiness.I love you are the best.You are the best person person of the world......Just be like that BABA.

Friday, March 6, 2009

I need you Mother.......Always!!!!!!!!Love U MAAAAA............
A mother's love is very precious, It is hard to explain and has to remember notonly in particular day .It has to remember for each and every minute,every second,every moment.

Mother is A woman of devotion,
Mother is A woman of sincerity,
Mother is A woman of patience
Mother is A woman of indulgence,

Mother s A woman of charm,
A mother's love is warm.
A mother's love will always help you throughthe weakest hours.
A mother's love is always like a bouquet of flowers.
A mother's love is strong and will never steer you wrong.

A mother's love is beautiful in many ways.

A mother's love is sincere and conquer ourfears.

A mother's love knows the depth of love.

A mother's love is contentment, just likeGod's love.

A mother's work is never done

A mother's love is never faltering.

A mother's love is never halting.

A mother's judgement is never erring.

A mother's dream is to supply all needs.
A mother's goal is to instill good deeds.Only for you Mom:
My mother taught me all the good things about life.
My mother taught me how to listen when people talk.
My mother taught me to always smile .I sometimes wonder why she never taught me to hold back a tear.
My mother taught me how to cherish fond memories. I sometimes wonder why she never taught me how to move on in life.

I still need my mother......Even today when I m an adult can can take care of myself well…………

I still need you Ma.!!!!!!!!!!to would love me , to take care of me to understand me, mother for to whom I am................. to know me,to be there for me, to celebrate my birthday, My mother who would miss me, I need you Maaa!!!!!!!! to cry on .I need to Say to you and let you know that her daughter(me!!!!!!!only me……) loves her
.Mother is she who never wants to see her daughter cry
.My Mother is she who is different from all other
My Mother is she who is never comparable to any other.

I love you Mom.

Ma..........I miss you.......I am living so away from you now.......When at night I feel scared and your mere touch or holding me in your arms make me feel so are the best cook.....You are the best human are my God.
Just Love me this way and be with me like this............I need you I am still the small Child........I need you.

And today I appologising and saying you SORRY for all the mischieves I did.......Sometimes I hurt you for my stubbornness............I know I am not the best daughter of this world.....But I am trying to be only better...........BUT you are the best mom of this WOrld...............
I owe everything to you...........Can't express more............My eyes are wet,but this is because I am Proud to be your daughter............ You are an epitome of what is a mother in real sense....An Indian Woman......You are the perfect home maker......My mom,my Puchu Puchu.......YOU ARE THE BEST

LOVE YOU MAAaaaa................!!!!!!!


Incidents of child abuse are hard facts that appear periodically in the newspapers almost everyday, leaving one to wonder why, after all, is the childhood so extolled by our poets, glorified by our leaders and sanctified by various religions ? Was it not Jesus Christ who exhorted his disciples: "Suffer little children, forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the Kingdom of heaven" (Matthew, 19:14)? It was William Wordsworth for whom childhood was a period of unsullied joy and spiritual bliss. When William Faulkner begins the chapter on Joe’s childhood in Light in August with a significant line, "memory believes before knowing remebers, he traces therewith the unconscious legacy of the child to the man. Nearer home, Jawaharlal Nehru and many of our leaders considered children "the nation’s most precious resource".
Occurrence or recurrence of incidents of child abuse shatter the semblance of well-being of the adult world, awakening them from their slumber. The game of blaming and counter-blaming starts. The parents blame the authorities, the authorities vent their anger on neglectful parents and then they all heave sighs lamenting the degradation of basic social values. In the bargain, the child and his/her trauma are forgotten. Hardly any one seems concerned to question: What would be the extent of damage to the psyche of the little one and how should he or she be treated so as to rehabilitate him or her and make him or her a healthy future citizen.
Factors like neglect, torture, mutilation of children in the forms of castration, circumcision or imposed painful beautification as prevalent in some societies, parental oppression, terrorisation of children for fun or fun-ensuring conformity, sodomy and other sexual abuses tell upon the child’s psychology and hinder his growth to complete humanness. There occurs a small crack within. The loss of self takes place quietly, without anybody noticing it and the child suffers.
It hardly needs to be stressed that juvenile delinquents, perverts, sadists and the psychologically disturbed are individuals who have lost their real self – the inner core which helps a person achieve a healthy view of life.
What Gabriela Mistral, the Noble Laureate Chilean poet once said could be reiterated here : We are guilty of many errors and many faults, but our worst crime is abandoning our children, neglecting the fountain of life. Many of the things we need can wait. The child cannot. Right now is the time when his/her bones are being formed, his/her blood is being made… To him/her we cannot answer "Tomorrow." His/her name is "Today".
"Humankind owes the child the best it has," says the U.N. Charter on the Human Rights of the Child. Nearer home, Sudhir Kakar, psychologist, agrees that the nature of an individual’s encounter with his/her social, familial and cultural environs profoundly influences the quality and dynamics of social relations throughout his/her life. The rights of the child have been classified by the U.N. under the traditional headings: civil, political, economic, social and cultural. A child has a right to a name, nationality, protection from torture and maltreatment. Their economic rights include the right to the benefits of social security, the right to a standard of living adequate to ensure proper development and protection from exploitation at work. Their social rights give them the benefit of health and access to medical services, protection from abduction and sexual exploitation and the regulation of adoption. Under the cultural rights are grouped the right to education, access to appropriate recreation and leisure, and participation in artistic and cultural activities.
These rights underscore the fact that children’s fundamental rights to survival, protection and development must be guarded by providing them with certain facilities. This is, in fact, adult responsibility and calls for action if adults fail, the very structure on which the rights are based, crumbles and becomes a farce.
In India, though much is being said and done to ameliorate the child’s condition and ensure his rights, the ground reality belies the efforts done in this direction. Even the most basic right, from which other rights emanate- the right to survival - is endangered. There are millions of children suffering from malnutrition, living in deplorable conditions, slogging in work-places and undergoing inhuman treatment. The girl child’s right to survival is even more tenuous. Far from enjoying a happy, healthy childhood, a large segment of our children drag the burden of existence.
In the Indian social context, however, no sweeping statement can really be made on the condition of children.The society, compartmentalised into various sections and subsections, has different norms for different groups. In order to know the reality of a child’s life we could broadly divide the children into four groups to understand their specific problems: the children below poverty-line (both urban and rural), the middle-class children, children belonging to the upper strata, and finally, the girl child.
Children of parents below poverty line are the worst sufferers. A recent survey records that India has the world’s largest number of illiterates and child labourers. More than eighty-two million children between the ages of 6 and 14 have no resource to education. Though most of the States have made primary education compulsory, there is hardly any effective implementation of the schemes.
Instead of being sent to school, children are employed in tea-stalls, restaurants, household work, or they care for cattle, tend younger children, collect firewood and work in fields. The fate of these children depends on the whims and fancies of their employers. A large number of children work in factories, cottage industries and other jobs in unhygienic environs. The exploitation continues uninterrupted even though both the Directive Principles of State Policy and a part of the Fundamental Rights, has laid down in no uncertain terms that "the State shall direct its policy towards securing the health and strength of workers, men and women, and the tender-aged children are not abused". Despite the unhealthy and exploitative work conditions, parents continue to send their children ominously to the dark and dingy factories for paltry wages.
The children belonging to the higher strata of society have other scourges than the ones suffered by their less fortunate brethren. They are the victims of parental neglect and apathy. They are often lonely, dejected and rejected. The parents are so pre-occupied with their lives, their performance scale and achievements that they forget the child’s existence and his/her need for love and belonging. Weighing every human emotion on the scale of monetary gains, they tend to lose sight of the authentic.
The girl children are a harder lot. These unfortunate ones coming from poor backgrounds end up by being sexually abused. Cases of rape, flesh trafficking and the rising number of young sex workers speak of the social perversions. These children are kept in slavery and subjected to mercenary exploitation by adults. The status and action report of the Central Advisory Board of India states that at least 15 per cent of all sex workers in the country are under the age of 15 . Approximately 25 per cent are between the age of 16 and 18.
Not that all girl children in the poor sections of society end up in the flesh trade. There are others who work as domestic servants but their lot is no better. They are maltreated or mutilated and sometimes sexually abused. In the lower classes and lower middle-classes, they are subjected to inequalities. While the male child gets the lion’s share of food, clothes and relatively better education, the unfortunate female child has to bear the family burden of cooking, washing and cleaning and make do with minimum facilities. Rejection and ambivalence towards girls always work in subtle and insidious manner.
Childhood is a unique period when a person has intrinsic desires for spiritual health and life. Uncorrupted by the adult world, an unsuspecting child recognises the one reality that he/she lives. For him/her, the past or the future have no existence. His/her consciousness is not split between them but is rather free to discover them through love.
A happy and healthy child is an asset to the grown-ups. Through his/her smile, the society learns to smile.