Saturday, March 7, 2009

SMILE ThErApY...........:-)

Smile:The need of the Current WORLD

Nothing is permanent in life. Life has its own shadows black in the night,Brightness in the day...It is a continual challenge.. Just take life as it comes and enjoy every bit of it… Each moment in life is a phase.Face them with a smile ,good or bad.Life is beautiful if you look at it with a smile.

Happiness shows best when you put that smile on your face! A smile can make anyone happy.

A smile, it is said, is a curve which can put things straight. Costing nothing and conveying so much, it is one of the best things in this world which are for free

Frown and you frown alone," it is sometimes said, "but smile and the whole world smiles with you." The whole world? That may be a stretch, but a smile can be incredibly powerful. Wearing a warm smile can draw people to you, put others at ease, and even cheer you up.

Living in the favorable and unfavorable situation is called Part of living. But, smiling in all those situations is called Art of living.

A smile…is sweet

A smile ….always keeps one happy.

A smile… can improve one face value

A smile …does not cost anything

A smile… can change a person’s mood

A smile … can also make someone’s day pleasant

A sweet smile can act like a pill.

A smile acts like a magic

Smile is priceless- no matter where,

Smile can easily vanish you fear

It’s not too much to ask

It will fill your face with beauty

It’s a free gift from above

It’s a great way to show love

Smile for the sake of happiness,

Smile for the sake of life,

Smile because of hope left in life

Smile is a gift by God, given to you! ! !

Always take a moment to smile. It makes people wonder what you are up to . Life can give you a hundred reasons to cry but you can give life a thousand reasons to smile. My Lips curve into a smile …for so many reasons.. Few are here…

Love of Family, Love of Friends… ;)

My kids laughing (nothing beats a hearty kid laugh)

Spending time doing crazy things with my friends

Staying up all night with my best friends.

When an old friend suddenly turns up home

Innocence of children

Childhood memories.

When someone truly understands.

Small thrills of life.

A hot cup of coffee in the early morning

Taking bubble baths.

Singing as if no one could hear you.


When I listen Music, my lips curves..

Exploring new places

A sincere compliment

The different colors in the rainbow of life.

Seeing the beautiful fall colors on the trees

Swinging in the park as high as I can.

Sunny days with nice cool breeze

Watching the sunset and the moon rise.

. Enjoying the beautiful mountains.

Eating favorite icecream on a hot summer day

Catching a snowflake on my tongue.

Dancing in the rain.

Conquering your biggest fear.

Watching the waves crash into the sand.

Spending a day in shopping.

Looking forward to a future together


Feeling warm on a cold winter night

Smile on a loved one's face when they open what I have gifted.

Satisfaction of having learnt something new.

Surprise gifts!

Seeing others happy.

everyone to make them smile as well. We seem to have forgotten that smile costs nothing. We are such a miser when it comes to spending smile.

Making another smile.

Smiling just like that... need to be a reason every time.??

In life too, we gain more marks by a cheerful smile and thereby expressing an agreeable face. A tremendous amount of goodwill is gained through this seemingly simple gesture.

Most important benefit of a smiling face is ease of relationship in family

Keep smiling and keep your family happy. ;)

We all need this magic charisma of SMILE...........Love to smile always.Basically I am a very happy go lucky kind of a person and live life each day to the fullest.........Plz it is my sincere request to you all that take atleast 5 minutes time from your busy schedule everyday and keep it for SMILING.........At anything you like.......Give yourself happiness......Live for yourself only for yourself,for your sake for that 5 minutes......and in that 5 selfish and smile for the reason you actually want.............Believe me would be destressed and find every reason to enjoy living...............for others as well as for others.And never miss an opportunity to make atleast one person in every single day smile............Give him a small moments of happiness,..........share his sorrows..........And believe me............We all would be able to reach the ultimate state of Nirvana.............something Next to GOD..............And we would be content from inside..........Core of heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ACKNOWLEDEMENTS:My this blog and all my previous blogs and the blogs I would write in future is only dedicated to my Father.........My dad......My inspiration.He is the person who taught me the real value of living.......My dad taught me to live life happily with a smile in face........Baba(my dad) are my God......My life.Thank you for making me happy and enabling me to hold smile in my face because you took up all my sorrows..........But this time of writing this acknowledgement.......I can't hold back my tears............I am proud of you DaD!!!!!!!Now its my time for me to give you happiness.I love you are the best.You are the best person person of the world......Just be like that BABA.


  1. Did you Dad actually read this? If he did, I am sure he must have felt like the proudest Dad on earth :)

  2. hiiiiiiiiiii
    u wrote something tht can help peaple to overcome from great stress.....
    great work
    keep working like tht

  3. tulip ..u r really nice..n after reding ur blogs....i think people like u make our world beautiful...i pray u'll gt watever u want....keep smiling...coz "smile is da shortest distance b2in two people"

  4. u hv done a gr8 job in ur blog u only xprssd d benefits of smile n happiness. Bt u shuld tl sumthn abt d sources f happiness n smile. I think u shuld read Swami Vivekananda n Paulo Coelho at1st....Thy tld us hw 2 b hppy...nwy,agn congr8s 4 gvn us such a bful blog.

  5. hiiiiiii.........u have done a great job..this blog can help people 2 overcum their mental stress,tension....u khow better stress and tension creats many hypertension,diabeties,heart deasease....lots more....our motive should be"smile karo life jiyo"....u always keep smilling.......god bless u dear.......

  6. It is also very difficult to find out the real reason or meaning of a smile. There are many people who can put a showcase smile on their face trying to hide their emotions and pain from their beloved one to make their life more easy and happy. I am really puzzled whether to call it a real smile out of the heart or to call it just a musk to hide your emotions.

    The name of this blog is “Lets make things right”. But, sometime doing things in a wrong manner or doing the wrong things can also put a smile in our face. Because, all of us in our lifetime must have at least smiled once because of the blunder we made.

    On a lighter node, I had a bad experience of having a smiling face unknowingly in front of a person who thought I was trying to make fun of him. So, sometime also be careful and assess your audience before you smile.

    Also, thanks a lot for taking my words so seriously and writing this blog on this topic.

  7. Thank u all for all youe special comments.......It encourages me a lot to write more!!!!!!!And dear Amitava....u dnt ever need to thank me for anything as you are my MENTOR!!!!!!