Thursday, July 16, 2009



I like to be alone with me
I find myself good company

I think and feel and deeply muse
and learn to know my innermost views

There are surprises endlessly
I know not what my thoughts will be

And time goes skimming by so fast
the peaceful hours are soon past

I hear some speak of evenings long
and slowly passed as time gone wrong

Not so for me! These hours are mine
as precious gifts, and almost divine

Oh, I need friends and company
and cherish all they mean to me

For solitude cannot be long
and swiftly must it sing its song

Life needs contrast as does true art
and interludes are ever short

Activity must precede rest
and peace well-earned has met its test

But as the shadows follow sun
so do my special hours run

When solitude succeeds life's pace
I find peace in my own space.


  1. Asmita Di.....Jhagra kori ni....R hoyeto jhagra hobe o na......Sob sesh!!!!