Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A toast to FrIeNdShIp


What to say about this girl!!!A girl next door,but I bet U wont find sucha girl next door so easily.Yes.I mean it.A full crack pot kind of a material.Stupid,fool,indisciplined,multi shade charecters,but yet so vibrant,colourful,jovial,unpredictable and magnanimous.She is the most cranky and wanky girl I have ever come across.She is so unpredictable at times that she even looses her track.At 23,she is still like a 13 years of teenager who prefers looking at the world through her coloured glass,the way she wants the external world to be.She is still so childish and innocent,but always predends to be too mature.She is the biggest fool I have ever seen.She is as fresh as the opening of a rose,as pure as the birth of a child and as vibrant as the sunset at Lagoons.She is fully MAD.But at the end of the day,she is one of my closest friend. And U cant stop yourself from pampering her.Believe me,she is so adorable.But ………there is a big but here.She can drive you real crazy and irritate you like hell as she is so nagging.And when she shouts or shows her crazyness…….U cant stand her.She makes strange faces and she is a full entertainment network plus a catoon channel…..and anytime gives the famous Tom and Jerry a run for its money as she is more hilarious and when this girl is in full action……you cant stop yourself from watching her.And her taste about foods or ordering a cuisine at restaurant is as great her she is!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!Let me give an example.Have you ever seen any waiter stumbling and staring at the face of the person who is giving order and even cant control his laughter and astonishment and a big questionmark at his face?????Then you must tahe this girl to any restaurant.Of many such great experience with her,let me share a few.Once we were to a restaurant and she ordered Chicken Manchurian with Paratha,that too dried Manchurian.She likes to mix Chinese delicacy with Mughalai foods like Mixed fried rice with Biriani.Or Chicken Tandoori with Hakka Noodles.She is so unstable in everything she does.If today she likes Black,the next day she would like white and hate black like anything.In one word,this girl is CRAZY.

But What I actually love about her is she has a beautiful mind and probably this 5 feet girl has the biggest heart.Trust me, she has a golden heart,but to get a permanent place in her heart is a tough one.She is very straight forward and honest girl.But again a correction need to be done is honesty and integrity is restricted for those who has a permanent place in her heart……Leaving that she is Bindaas about everything else.She is very friendly and pretty understanding at times……yes at times only…if you are lucky at that time…else…she is the queen of Nagging.Now coming to her weakness,she has countless one……the biggest one is she is so carried away by others…its so easy to influence her…and again,…this special girl never learns from her mistake.She always does those stuffs which you asked her not to do….Like when I say her not to turn her face atthat side or not to look at that person at that moment,she by default does that.Actually she is by default a Fool.But I love this fool so much and I am so attached with her.She doesnot understand anything about music as anything which has strong beads interest her…………but the next very day she would make it a point to hate that and promise not to hear that song again in like.She is very emotional and doesn’t know how to control it…..………..My sweetheart….my friend,my sister,and even my mentor too.Actually I have learnt a whole lot of things from her and she is a true friend.I would really wanna treasure you all along in my life.You make everyday of my life so special and you would be always in my heart as the cranky crackpot who makes face like a pug…so sweet one.
This one is only for you:
When you're down in the dumpsand joys seem gone ...Remember this maxim dear ..."The clouds have a lining of silvery gauze."We must turn them inside out - becauseSpring will soon be here.There's a feel in the airand a joyous lilt ...comes to the heart that's sick and sad the silvery clouds hurriedly fly madly across the skyhelping to make us glad!The season is changing.We're changing too ...Guard the smile in your heart today.Green grasses are growing, and rivulets run ...Flowers will be blooming, springtime will come ...and joy in our hearts will stay!

I pray to god…that you always be like this…..and would get all the happiness in the earth.And if I can wish something more…..I would ask god to give you some more Brain…yes the gray matter.
Love you….and wish you every success in life.

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